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Products Enabled for Online Design

The following is a list of products for which our new Online Designer is enabled. As we add more templates to our Online Designer, they will be listed here.

CA3280 A Bright and Blessed Christmas: Christmas Card for Family
CA3315 A Christmas Blessing : Spirit of Christmas Card
CA3251 A Christmas Filled With Joy: Heritage Spirit of Christmas Card
CB4319 An Irish Blessing: Irish Blessing Christmas Card
CB4348 An Irish Blessing at Christmas: Irish Christmas Card
CH9000 An Irish Christmas Blessing: Irish Christmas
CB4271 An Irish Christmas Prayer: Miracle of Christmas Irish Card
CA3273 An Old Irish Blessing: Christmas Card
CR2094 As We Honor the Birth of Jesus: Majesty of Christmas Card
CA3309 Baby Jesus in Manger: Christmas Spirt Card
CA3293 Baby Jesus Is Born: Christmas Card for Children
CH9034 Be Still and Know: Splendor of Christmas Card
CA3155 Beuronese Nativity Mosaic: Christmas Card
CB4351 Blessings at Christmas: Miracle of Christmas Card
CR2056 By the Light of That One True Star: Majesty of Christmas Card
NC12 Celtic Cross Note Card: Note Card
CA3307 Cheery Red Cardinal: Christmas Spirit Card
036PR Christ Being Baptized By John the Baptist: Prayer Card
028PR Christ Carrying the Cross: Prayer Card
CB4270 Christ Is Born: Irish Christmas Card
CA3312 Christ Is Born! Cristo ha Nacido!: Spirit of Christmas Card
CA3277 Christ Is the Image of the Invisible God: Favorite Hymns Christmas Card
004PR Christ on the Cross: Prayer Card
002PR Christ on the Road to Emmaus: Prayer Card
035PR Christ Teaching: Prayer Card
CA3179 Christmas Blessings: Christmas Card
CB4303 Christmas Blessings: Christmas Classics Miracle Card
CH9010 Christmas Nativity Icon : Splendor of Christmas Card
CA3310 Classic Nativity: Christmas Spirit Card
CR2100 Conception Christmas Cycle: Presentation of the Lord: Majesty of Christmas Card
CB4196 Contemporary Madonna and Child: Miracle of Christmas Card
NC38 Contemporary Watercolor Cross: Note Card
030PR Coronation of the Virgin: Prayer Card
051PR Coronation of the Virgin: Prayer Card
008PR Coronation of the Virgin: Prayer Card
053PR Coronation of Virgin: Prayer Card
022PR Cristo Salvator Mundi: Prayer Card
CF3304 Deep Peace of the Running Wave to You: Trifold Irish Christmas Card
CB4250 Dove with Peace: Miracle of Christmas Card
044PR Easter Morning: Prayer Card
009PR Ecce Homo, or Suffering Christ: Prayer Card
CH9035 Even the Smallest Voices Can Sing: Splendor of Christmas Card
CA3288 Folk Art Christmas Tree: Spirit of Christmas Card
CR2091 Following the Star: Majesty of Christmas Card
CH9001 Gabriel Standing Over the Baby Jesus: Splendor of Christmas Card
NC39 Give Thanks to the Lord: Note Card
CB4350 Glory to God: Miracle of Christmas Card
CH9019 Glory to God in the Highest: Christmas Classics Splendor Card
CR2093 God Asked Mary to Hold Heaven in Her Arms: Majesty of Christmas Card
NC30 God Be with You Note Card: Note Card
FN16 God Bless You: Folded Notes
NC4 God Bless You Note Card: Note Card
CB4334 He Came a Savior: Christmas Card
CH9032 He Is Named Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God...: Splendor of Christmas Cards
CA3306 Holy Family Icon: Christmas Spirit Card
CA3281 Holy Family with Shepherds: Christmas Spirit Card
NC2 Holy Spirit Note Card: Note Card
CB4353 Hush Sweet Baby: Miracle of Christmas Card
177PR I Am the Resurrection and the Life: Easter Prayer Card
CH9033 I Bring You Tidings of Great Joy: Splendor of Christmas Card
NC37 Ichthus (Ixoye): Note Card
CB4225 In the Beginning Was the Word: Miracle of Christmas Card
CR2083 Into Blessed Arms Came the Hand of God : Majesty of Christmas Card
NC9 Jerusalem Cross Note Card: Note Card
043PR Jesus Chiding Thomas for His Unbelief: Prayer Card
037PR Jesus Mocked: Prayer Card
CA3266 Joy Hope Peace Love: Spirit of Christmas Card
CF3297 Joy Jesus Is Born: Trifold Christmas Card
CB1334 Keeping You in Mind: Thinking of You Card
CR2092 Let Us Lift Our Voices: Majesty of Christmas Card
CA3301 Let Us Light a Candle for Peace: Benny the Church Mouse Christmas Card
CR2096 Love Came Down at Christmas: Majesty of Christmas Card
CH9040 Love That Endures Forever: Splendor of Christmas Card
CR2068 Lucan Christmas Narrative: Majesty of Christmas Card
CB4327 Madonna And Child: Miracle of Christmas Card
CA3275 Madonna and Child: Spirit of Christmas Card
CA3178 Madonna and Child: Christmas Card
010PR Madonna and Child: Prayer Card
020PR Madonna and Child: Prayer Card
CA3305 Madonna and Child Icon: Christmas Spirit Card
CR2095 Madonna and Child of the Lilies: Majesty of Christmas Card
CR2076 Madonna and Child of the Trees: Majesty of Christmas Card
057PR Madonna with Child: Prayer Card
038PR Mary and Jesus: Prayer Card
046PR Mater Purissima: Prayer Card
CA3283 May God Bless You: Christmas Spirit Card
CF3298 May You Have the Spirit of Christmas: Trifold Christmas Card
CA3308 Mosaic Madonna and Child: Christmas Sprit Card
012PR Mother and Child: Prayer Card
PCR501 Mother of Tenderness: Icon Holy Card
CB4188 Murillo Adoration of the Shepherds: Miracle of Christmas Card
CB4336 O Come Immanuel: Favorite Hymns Christmas Card
CB4329 O Holy Night: Miracle of Christmas Card
CF3299 O Holy Night: Trifold Christmas Card
CA3292 On a Night Long Ago: Christmas Card for Children
CA3311 On the Feast of St. Nicholas: St. Nicholas Day Card for Children
CA3279 One Night, One Star: Christmas Card for Family
011PR Our Saviour Subject to His Parents at Nazareth: Prayer Card
CB4347 Peace: Miracle of Christmas Card
FN15 PEACE be with you: Folded Notes
NC35 Peace Be with You: Note Card
CH9031 Peace I Leave with You: Splendor of Christmas Card
CH9002 Peace Joy Dove: Splendor of Christmas Card
NC1 Peace Note Card: Note Card
CA3253 Peace on Earth: Heritage Spirit of Christmas Card
CR2045 Peace to You at Christmas: Christmas Cards
NC36 Praying for You Today: Note Card
CB4328 Rejoice in the Miracle: Majesty of Christmas Card
FN22 Seal of St. Benedict: Folded Notes
CB4224 Silent Night: Miracle of Christmas Card
CH4632 Silent Night: Splendor of Christmas Card
CB4218 So Humble, So Human, So Holy: Miracle of Christmas Card
065PR St. Joseph and the Christ Child: Prayer Card
025PR St. Joseph, the Carpenter: Prayer Card
CB4321 Stacked Animals: Miracle of Christmas card
CB4121 Star Over Bethlehem: Christmas Classics Miracle Card
FN17 Thank You God Bless You: Folded Notes
031PR The Annunciation: Prayer Card
055PR The Assumption of the Virgin: Prayer Card
007PR The Assumption of the Virgin: Prayer Card
CR2078 The Christmas Star: Majesty of Christmas Card
CF3303 The First Noel: Trifold Christmas Card
019PR The Good Shepherd: Prayer Card
024PR The Good Shepherd: Prayer Card
027PR The Holy Family: Prayer Card
001PR The Immaculate Conception: Prayer Card
066PR The Immaculate Conception: Prayer Card
NC29 The Lord Bless You... Note Card: Note Card
CA3267 The Lord's Angels Keep You: Irish Christmas Card
CH9030 The Love That Was Shown When Christ Was Born: Splendor of Christmas Cards
034PR The Miracles of Jesus: Walking on Water: Prayer Card
039PR The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Prayer Card
026PR The Saviour: Prayer Card
040PR The Supper at Emmaus: Prayer Card
014PR The Virgin in Prayer: Prayer Card
003PR The Virgin with Angels: Prayer Card
005PR The Visitation of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth: Prayer Card
CA3248 Thinking of You at Christmas: Heritage Spirit of Christmas Card
CB4345 This One Who Is From David: Miracle of Christmas Card
CH4622 Three Star Ornaments: Splendor of Christmas Card
CB4343 To You and Your Family at Christmas: Miracle of Christmas Card
CB4262 Traditional Holy Family: Miracle of Christmas Card
CA3282 Una Bendita Noche Santa: Spanish Spirit of Christmas Card
018PR Virgin of the Adoption: Prayer Card
059PR Visitation of the Virgin Mary to St Elizabeth: Prayer Card
CB4341 Warm Christmas Wishes: Miracle of Christmas Cards
CB4342 When Elizabeth Heard Mary's Greeting: Miracle of Christmas Card
CH9029 Winter Snowfall: Splendor of Christmas Card
CH9011 Wishing You a Glorious Christmas: Splendor of Christmas Card
CB4346 Wishing You Peace at Christmas: Miracle of Christmas Card
CB10331 With Gratitude, Sister: Religious Sister Christmas Card
FN20 With Heartfelt Prayers IHS: Folded Notes

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